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In order to continue implementing the student-centered educational goals of Cambridge Chinese School, fostering students' organizational skills, leadership abilities, and stage performance, Cambridge Chinese School intends to establish two different student-led organizations: "Cambridge Chinese School Student Council", "Cambridge Chinese School Student Magazine Editorial Team" and the "Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center Art Troupe" under the leadership of Teacher Michelle, which will engage in a wide range of cultural activities and provide various volunteer opportunities for our school students.

The "Cambridge Chinese School Student Council" will consist of one president, two vice presidents, and ten members. They will organize various student activities, participate in the distribution of the Cambridge Corner magazine, and seek sponsorships.

The "Cambridge Chinese School Student Magazine Editorial Team" will have one editor-in-chief, two assistant editors, and ten junior reporters. They will be responsible for soliciting, editing, designing layouts, and distributing articles for the Cambridge Student Corner magazine.

The "Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center Art Troupe", led by Teacher Michelle, will have two vice presidents and as many members as possible. They will participate in Chinese New Year performances and various community events. The art troupe will establish adult choir, adult modeling team, student modeling team, and student performance teams, among other groups.

Cambridge Chinese School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is eligible to issue the "President's Volunteer Service Award". All students participating in these student organizations' activities will be able to count their time as volunteer hours, subject to specific calculations.

The selection process for the Student Council will involve students self-nominating. Parents will lead and support students in organizing various cultural activities collaboratively.

The selection of art troupe members will be personally supervised by our professionally trained modeling and drama teacher, Teacher Michelle. On October 1, 2023, Teacher Michelle will organize the already established Cambridge Chinese School Student Modeling Team to participate in the "Warm Celebration of the 44th Anniversary of Sino-US Diplomatic Relations Gala" hosted by various Chinese-American associations in the Greater Boston area. If you enjoy performing, join the "Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center Art Troupe" for a unique performance experience and a chance to receive the President's Volunteer Service Award.

To register, please send an email to journal.cccc@gmail.com or add WeChat ID: 31702853 to contact Mr. Huang Huihua. Please specify "Participating in Cambridge Chinese School Student Organizations" in your email or send an email to Michelle (Yin) Jiang at mm83827578@gmail.com and indicate "Participating in Cambridge Chinese School Art Troupe."

To become a member of the "Cambridge Chinese School Student Magazine Editorial Team", you need to submit an original piece of work, either in English or Chinese, with no restrictions on word count or theme. It can be a travelogue, essay, poem, or fiction. Please include the author's name and the name of the U.S. school they attend. For example: Xiaoming Li, 10 years old, Cambridge Chinese School (Belmont High School). Please send your articles to journal.cccc@gmail.com. We will select members based on the submitted works and carry out various activities.

Our "Cambridge Chinese School Student Corner" magazine will be distributed for free to every author's affiliated U.S. public or private school libraries, Chinese teaching departments, and public libraries in various towns to promote mutual learning of Chinese and English writing among students from different schools.

Currently, some Chinese teachers from other schools are interested in submitting their students' best works for publication. All beginnings are difficult, so we hope that both parents and students will actively promote this initiative. Students are encouraged to showcase their writing abilities, benefiting themselves and others. Let's work together to promote this bilingual "Cambridge Chinese School Student Corner" magazine throughout the United States.


“剑桥中文学校学生会” 将设立会长一名,副会长两名,成员10个。组织各种学生活动,参与剑桥园地刊物赠送及拉赞助。

“剑桥中文学校学生园地编辑部” 将设立主编一名,副主编两名,小记者10个。负责剑桥学生园地征稿、编辑、版面设计、刊物发行。

“剑桥中国文化中心艺术团” 团长:米雪儿老师, 副团长两名名,成员越多越好。参与春节义演、各个社区活动义演。“剑桥中国文化中心艺术团”将设立成人合唱团、成人模特队、学生模特队、学生义演队等。




报名请发邮件到journal.cccc@gmail.com或者加微信:31702853联系黄回华,请注明“参加剑桥中文学校社团”,或者发送邮件到Michelle(Yin) Jiang mm83827578@gmail.com蜜雪儿老师”请注明参加剑桥中文学校艺术团”。

成为“剑桥中文学校学生园地编辑部”社团成员的条件:递交一篇原创的作品,英文写作或中文写作,字数、题材不限,可以是游记、散文、诗歌、小说。文章请注明作者和所在美国学校名字。比如:李晓明  10岁  剑桥中文学校(Belmont High School)。请将文章发送到:journal.cccc@gmail.com 我们将根据提交的作品选出社团成员,开展各种活动。



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