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The Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture (CCCC) is a non-profit organization which aims to promote Chinese culture, advance the status of Chinese-Americans, and promote US-China relationship through Chinese language education, publication, and cultural exchange. It provides various programs to the greater Boston area, including Chinese-English preschool, Chinese after-school,Weekend school, and Summer school.

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成人杨式太极拳初級班 - 2017春季3/19在CCCC Waltham星期日学校开课 . 请点击此处阅读详情.
剑桥中国文化中心签证服务社4月22,23代办中国签证服务通知. 请点击此处阅读详情.
2017年中国寻根之旅的信息更新. 请点击此处阅读通知. 请点击此处阅读2017 年“中国·寻根之旅-魅力北京”戏曲营详情.
2017春季长笛班招生通知. 请点击此处阅读详情.
New classes start from 2/11/2017 to 6/25/2017. Please click Introductory Python and HTML5 Curriculum to view the details.
Two new English writing classes in 2017 Spring. Please click here to view the details.
2017中国寻根之旅夏令营通知. 请点击这些链接阅读详情: 夏令营通知, CSAUS全美中文学校协会通知, 2017年“中国寻根之旅,魅力北京”京味文化营, 夏令营登记表, 家长同意书, 营员须知, 关于夏令营的几个普遍问题.
剑桥中国文化中心2017年系列讲座. 请点击此处阅读详情.
CCCC周日班春季新学期的关于报名注册第二个通知. 请点击此处阅读详情.

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